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Rob W-M / 9

Steve Gibbs / 8

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Avon Gorge, Bristol
Sep 17th 2017

Pink Wall Traverse

My final day of climbing in Bristol before moving to Salzburg, and who better to share it with than the Avon Gorge's resident expert - Mr chickin' flippin' dippers, pumped like a lilo, I'm so weak, no worries chicken curry Steve Gibbs. After warming up on a rather damp Fossible, we headed to the sunshine on Main Wall for a combo of The Corner followed by Pink Wall Traverse. A beautiful day, with the roads closed for Peaceful Portway making communication between the many teams on the crag a breeze. Steve's delight at bagging himself yet another leaderboard point was clearly evident.

Fairy Cave Quarry, Somerset
May 25th 2017

Fairy Cave with Steve

Steve and I made a trip to Fairy Cave to sweat our way up a clutch of after-work routes. Teetering up Four Steps to Heaven was a particular highlight of the evening, matched only by Steve's discovery of Elysium (Ultrabeat) on the journey home.

Goblin Combe, Bristol
Oct 16th 2016

Back to Goblin Combe

A great day out with Steve, Ali and Sophie climbing at Goblin before the rain came. Since Steve has ticked every route below E1 approximately 500 times, I just chose what I wanted to climb and got on with it.

Shorn Cliff, Wye Valley
Sep 4th 2016

Day out to Shorn Cliff

A subdued day of climbing at Shorn Cliff after the recent sad news. I joined Steve "no worries chicken curry" Gibbs and friends for only my second ever visit to the cliff and managed to squeeze four great routes into a morning of climbing.

Avon Gorge, Bristol
Aug 11th 2016

Week in the gorge

A productive week in the gorge, taking Adam and Craig on their first multi-pitch trad routes either side of a day out with Steve Gibbs. The latter was fairly eventful as found myself back near the ground upside after taking a big lob off of Simian.

Avon Gorge, Bristol
Oct 28th 2015

Suspension Bridge Arete

It was a pleasure to join Steve "h00fin" Gibbs for his 10th onsight ascent of the Avon Gorge classic. We had just over an hour of light to squeeze in the route after work which made it more of a 67 minute adventure.