Original Summer Route
Jan 2016 - Coire an t-Sneachda

Damavand: Skiing in Iran
April 2015 - Iran

Apr 2016 - Norway

Apr 2016 - Bristol Channel

Point Five
Apr 2016 - Scotland

“The winds were blowing the sulphur clouds clear of the summit block and we stared down from Iran’s volcanic altar onto the vast, sprawling landscape beneath.”

Mt Robert Ridge
Mar 2016 - New Zealand

Avalanche Peak
Mar 2016 - New Zealand

Apr 2016 - Norway

Avalanche training at Glenmore
Feb 2016 - Cairngorms

Ice on the Ben
Apr 2016 - Scotland

Apr 2016 - Finland

Trying to climb in Tajikistan
August 2015 - Tajikistan

El Chorro
Dec 2015 - Spain

North Wales Rock
Jul 2015 - North Wales

“Our driver’s parting act was to manoeuvre our 4x4 slowly into the river and strand it there. I climbed onto the roof to watch the river flowing in one door and out the other.”

Gimmer at Kendal Mountain Festival
Nov 2015 - Lake District

New Year's Eve on Beinn Alligin
Dec 2015 - Scotland

Tower Ridge
Apr 2016 - Scotland

Avon Gorge with Jess
Nov 2015 - Bristol

Carreg Miaong
Nov 2015 - North Wales

Weekend with Joe and Ben
Oct 2015 - UK

Lake District Reunion
Jul 2015 - UK

Eagle Front
Oct 2015 - Lake District

Cam Crag Ridge
Oct 2015 - Lake District

Bristly Ridge Winter
Jan 2015 - North Wales

44 hours in Daren Cilau
Jun 2015 - South Wales

Tongariro Northern Circuit
Mar 2016 - New Zealand

Cave Stream
Mar 2016 - New Zealand

Silvretta Traverse
March 2015 - Austria

“Morning was announced by the roar of a massive helicopter which had clearly seen better days but found no problem in lifting us and our 400kg of possessions into the valley.”

Hen Cloud Classic Rock
Jan 2015 - Peak District

Nov 2014 - Mexico

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Trinity Routes
Jan 2015 - North Wales

Mar 2015 - Scotland

Digging a Snow Cave
Mar 2015 - Tyrol

The Ridge of a Hundred Peaks
March 2014 - Morocco

E1 at Dinas Cromlech
Sep 2014 - North Wales

Lost on the Tour Glacier
Sep 2014 - Chamonix

Ridges of Snowdonia
Oct 2014 - North Wales

Kayaking the Grand Union Canal
May 2014 - UK

Dinas Mot
Sep 2014 - UK

Cairngorm Climbing
Mar 2014 - Scotland

“When storms arrived, the water on the surface was whipped around in a turbulent frenzy of ever-changing directions and we came to think of the area as lying at the centre of the world”

Flechè Rousse Ridge
Sep 2014 - Glacier d'Argentière

Kayaking the Grand Union Canal
May 2014

Altai 2012
August 2012 - Russia

Wallowbarrow Crag
Aug 2014 - Lake District

“More than once we reached the summit of a mountain, hot and parched, to have only the brown sludge which inhabited the bottom of our bottles to quench our thirst”
“Many abalakovs and packet noodles later and the four of us were on the return walk, a now familiar journey of dry glacier, relentless moraine and stunningly unspoilt green valleys below”

Djangart 2013
August 2013 - Kyrgyzstan

Storm on Papillions Ridge
Sep 2014 - France

Struggling against the rain
Aug 2014 - Lake District

Crow Chin
Aug 2014 - Peak District

Dog Sledding in Tromsø
Dec 2013 - Norway

The Roaches
Jul 2014 - UK

Llanberis Enchainment
Sep 2014 - North Wales

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Djangart 2013
August 2013 - Kyrgyzstan

Pembrokeshire Coastal Backpack
Jul 2014 - Wales

Quasar Hybrid Review
June 2014 - UKClimbing

Jun 2013 - Birmingham

Super Chockstone Review
August 2014 - UKClimbing