What is this all about?

I'm a climber and mountaineer who spent many years at University having adventures in the more accessible parts of Europe.

After leaving in 2011 I got interested in planning expeditions further afield, often in pursuit of unclimbed objectives. Recent trips have included Greenland (2011), Russian Altai (2012), Kyrgyzstan (2013), Morocco (2014) and Iran (2015). Most of the time I'm out and about on foot, boat, ski and (begrudgingly, thanks to Clay) bike.

I'm a big believer in Alex Lowe's famous quote "The best climber in the world is the one having the most fun!", mostly because I'm such an awful climber. Fortunately most of my friends are much better climbers than me so I can still go on exciting expeditions but let them lead the hard bits.

I now live in Salzburg, Austria, working as a design engineer for most of the week.

This website is a record of the adventures squeezed into the 67 hours at the end.



Some of the places at which I've had the chance to talk about my expeditions: