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Ross / 31

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CatO / 22

Will Bourne / 18

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Rob W-M / 9

Steve Gibbs / 8

Al / 7

Matt Blackmore / 7

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Tom Carvell / 7

Harry Kingston / 5

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Eleri / 4

Emily Roo / 4

Julie / 4

Lina / 4

Rory / 4

Simon Bilton / 4

DaveO / 3

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Matt Traver / 3

Naomi / 3

Neil Cox / 3

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Avon Gorge, Bristol
Sep 17th 2017

Pink Wall Traverse

My final day of climbing in Bristol before moving to Salzburg, and who better to share it with than the Avon Gorge's resident expert - Mr chickin' flippin' dippers, pumped like a lilo, I'm so weak, no worries chicken curry Steve Gibbs. After warming up on a rather damp Fossible, we headed to the sunshine on Main Wall for a combo of The Corner followed by Pink Wall Traverse. A beautiful day, with the roads closed for Peaceful Portway making communication between the many teams on the crag a breeze. Steve's delight at bagging himself yet another leaderboard point was clearly evident.

Muzkol Range, Tajikistan
Aug 24th 2015

Tajikistan Muzkol Expedition

Two weeks spent trying to climb a long, unclimbed ridgeline in a cool little valley in central Tajikistan. Challenging climbing at above 5000m that resulted in several new routes but the complete traverse remains to be claimed!

More information can be found at

Snowdonia, North Wales
Jul 13th 2015

North Wales Rock

Al and I began the weekend at Cyrn Las, ticking Main Wall after an awkward start going off-route within the first few metres. On Sunday the rock dried fast so we first climbed Superdirect (perhaps more appropriately named Not-so-direct) on Milestone and then whizzed around to the Pass for a trip up Nexus. Many thanks to Jack Geldard, who's typo had listed the third pitch as 4b. The hand traverse felt a little more spicy than that.

Snowdonia, North Wales
Sep 28th 2014

E1 at Dinas Cromlech

To cap off the weekend, a good lead from Al up the corner followed by my first E1 in quite some time with Cemetery Gates. We were somewhat humbled to watch a couple of lads ticking almost every route on both walls, but otherwise a brilliant weekend of climbing in North Wales.

Snowdonia, North Wales
Sep 27th 2014

Llanberis Enchainment

We planned to complete an enchainment of four routes across the southern side of the Llanberis Pass. A late start due to rain meant we began on a slippery, dripping first pitch of The Cracks. Slow Ledge Climb followed and we missed a route on Cyrn Las to finish with Gambit Climb and Reade's Route. All were brilliant, including Reade's where I ran two and a half pitches together before the rope went taut!

Snowdonia, UK
Sep 26th 2014

Dinas Mot

Its rare to get a whole Friday to climb on a long weekend so Al and I made the most of the fine weather on Dinas Mot. A couple of good quality starred VS routes in preparation for tomorrow's enchainment.