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Mingulay, Outer Hebrides
Aug 9th 2018

Cuan a Bochan

Our final day of climbing on Mingulay. Clay and I abseiled into Lower Cobweb Wall, which took almost an hour due to the complex route finding issues on the final free-hanging section. Once down, we set off up Cuan a Bochan, but the final groove of the first pitch was too much for me and I fell off (a couple of times). Luckily, Clay took over and smashed his way up through this, and the even harder moves above on pitch 2. We topped out after taking about six hours to go top-to-top, very hungry and happy. A fun, challenging end to a very good week of UK trad.

Mingulay, Outer Hebrides
Aug 8th 2018

The Arch Deacon

What a day of climbing. The Arch Deacon is an incredible, guano filled line that traverses the lip of an enormous roof. Definitely the most amazing belay either of us have ever sat in. The whole day out was very sociable, with Casper and Sally close by, so we finished with Razorbill Roofs just to the side. Another great line through a couple of steep roofs.

Mingulay, Outer Hebrides
Aug 7th 2018

Guarsay Mor

Our third day on Mingulay and we were finally getting a feel for the climbing here. We rigged an abseil at Guarsay Mor on Al's dad's very stiff old rope, then climbed two great lines just to the right of the big roof: Alzheimer's Groove and Guanomala City. Thw weather was much improved but there was a heavy swell, resulting in some nervous belaying on pitch 1 and a careful choice of starting stance.

Mingulay, Outer Hebrides
Aug 6th 2018

Geo an Droma

Day 2 on Mingulay, and even wetter weather to wake up to! A disappointing walk over to the far west was followed by a more profitable trip to one of the sheltered eastern Geos. We didn't start climbing until around 4, but still got three routes in, including my first E point in some time!

Mingulay, Outer Hebrides
Aug 5th 2018

Guarsay Beag

Day one of a week long trip to Mingulay, and my first time climbing in the Outer Hebridies. Francis dropped us off by boat the night before and a rather changeable day's weather greeted us. Clay and I joined Al, Malcy and several others at Guarsay Beag for our first introduction to the steep sea-cliffs of the island.

Grünstein, Schönau am Königssee
Apr 8th 2018

Grünstein Acrobatics

Short rest day after the Großglockner the day before. Ross managed to find all the best feet-off rests. I've done this Klettersteig before, but this time we finished up the Gipfelwand (summit wall). Not recommended if you didn’t enjoy the earlier pitches...