Clay / 75

Erinna / 65

Steve / 41

Ross / 31

Will / 23

CatO / 22

Will Bourne / 18

Owen / 14

Becky / 13

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Dylan / 9

Matt Blackmore / 9

Rob W-M / 9

Rebecca / 8

Steve Gibbs / 8

Al / 7

Tom Carvell / 7

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Adam / 4

Craig / 4

Eleri / 4

Emily Roo / 4

Julie / 4

Lina / 4

Rory / 4

Simon Bilton / 4

DaveO / 3

Liv / 3

Matt / 3

Matt Traver / 3

Naomi / 3

Neil Cox / 3

Rob Squires / 3

Sam Rose / 3

Al Begley / 2

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Traunstein, Salzkammergut
Nov 18th 2018

Traunstein Sudwestgrat

Stupendous ridgeline ascent of Traunstein Südwest Grat with Matt Blackmore after waking from our bivy on the Barmstein in the morning. 500m of vertical climbing in just over 2 hours across some very atmospheric pinnacles and ridgelines, not bad for a man who twisted his knee six days before (Blackmore, not me)! The next day the winter snows arrived, what a way to finish the summer rock season.

Kleiner Barmstein, Hallein
Nov 17th 2018

Barmstein Climb and Bivy

Another trip up my favourite local scramble to the summit of the Kleiner Barmstein, this time with Erinna and Blackmore for company. We took bivy gear (including sleeping bags this time...) and awoke after a -8° night to a beautiful sunrise on the summit. Great to have Sweep the dog for company too. Woof.

Hochkönig, Austria
Jan 27th 2018

Digging tunnels

On Matt and Anja's final weekend with us we hiked up the south side of Hochkönig on snowshoes, dug a big tunnel in the snow and then built a long slide to zoom through it at speed. Wahoooooooo! Beautiful snow shoeing in the mountains under an hour from our house.

Stoney Middleton, Peak District
May 14th 2017

Peak Limestone Gritstone

Our morning began on Gabriel and the Pearly Gates at Stoney Middleton. A tremendous downpour meant we beat a hasty retreat which pleased Blackmore, whose intolerance for jagerbombs the night before had turned the polished limestone from solid Type 1 fun to very sketchy Type 2 fun.

The weather soon cleared so we nipped across to Stanage for a trip up my last remaining Peak Classic Rock. Quite a contrast in rock from the morning's route!

Castle Naze, Peak District
May 13th 2017

Castle Naze Girdle Traverse

Today at Castle Naze we did a girdle traverse. This means that rather than climb upwards for 10m on any of the normal routes, we instead traversed horizontally for most of the width of the crag. Incredibly fun but also highly antisocial! Some climbers find these routes horribly contrived, we thought it was hilarious.