Erinna / 85

Clay / 80

Steve / 41

Ross / 33

Will Bourne / 29

Will / 28

CatO / 27

Louise / 16

Al / 14

Owen / 14

Becky / 13

Matt Blackmore / 13

Dylan / 9

Rebecca / 9

Rob W-M / 9

Tom Carvell / 9

Joe / 8

Steve Gibbs / 8

DaveO / 6

Martin / 6

Ros / 6

Adam / 5

Doug / 5

Harry Kingston / 5

Cameron / 4

Craig / 4

Eleri / 4

Elliott / 4

Emily Roo / 4

Julie / 4

Lina / 4

Rory / 4

Simon Bilton / 4

Ben / 3

Liv / 3

Mads / 3

Matt / 3

Matt Traver / 3

Moffatt / 3

Naomi / 3

Neil Cox / 3

Rob Squires / 3

Sam Rose / 3

Al Begley / 2

Anja / 2

Chris / 2

Dave Bird / 2

Evelyn / 2

Ita / 2

Jess / 2

Martha / 2

Pete / 2

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Lundy, Bristol Channel
Apr 30th 2016


I sailed to Lundy on the Saturday morning with Steve, Clay, Cat and Dave. Knowing the weather might close in for the rest of the weekend we made the most of the afternoon and headed straight for Devil's Slide. A few hours later and Steve and I had ticked the three classic lines of Albion, Satan's Slip and Devil's Slide itself. Racing back to the pub we barely made dinner, after which the wind and rain arrived for two days, granting us a return trip by helicopter!

Ben Nevis, Scotland
Apr 14th 2016

Point Five

Surely a route that is on every climber's ticklist in the world? Ross and I had seen it was in condition and I was feeling confident after the previous two days climbing. The route proved to be everything I had hoped and the two big middle pitches were superb. A brilliant way to end probably my best days of winter climbing ever.

Ben Nevis, Scotland
Apr 13th 2016

Ice on the Ben

Our first objective was Hadrian's Wall Direct but we were beaten back by some pretty brutal spindrift and a huge slab of ice which seemed barely attached to the rock. Traversing around, we nipped up Tower Scoop and then headed for Indicator Wall to finish.

Climbing on the Ben in mid April is a very relaxed affair. You can do both the approach and return journey in the light, take your time picking a line and then retire for a well-earned game of chess in a hut all to yourself!

Ben Nevis, Scotland
Apr 12th 2016

Tower Ridge

On Monday morning I flew to Glasgow and by nightfall Ross and I had hiked our way up to the CIC Hut. Unsure of what the late season conditions would bring we opted for Tower Ridge and stormed the route in around 4-5 hour, moving together for much of the ground. Neither of us had climbed the iconic ridgeline before and it was in great shape with a bonus little ice pitch thrown in early on that we weren't expecting.

Lyngen Alps, Norway
Apr 8th 2016


The last day of our trip to the Lyngen Alps. We opted for a route that wasn't too taxing and nipped up the 1000m ascent of Middagstinden. Another fine run down and a great end to a week of superb weather and skiing on the northern tip of Europe.

Treriksrøysa, Finland
Apr 7th 2016


On our bad weather day we decided to drive across the border to Finland and accidentally skinned 22km across a frozen lake.

The aim had been to visit the Treriksrøysa (or Treriksröset in Swedish) where Finland, Norway and Sweden meet. Driving into Finland we stopped at Kilpisjärvi and set off across the frozen ice. It turns out our downhill skimo kit was wholly inappropriate for a long, flat, icy skin and we arrived at the hut to bemuseds look from the Finnish locals. A fun day out none the less!