Clay / 75

Erinna / 64

Steve / 41

Ross / 31

Will / 23

CatO / 22

Will Bourne / 18

Owen / 14

Becky / 13

Louise / 10

Dylan / 9

Matt Blackmore / 9

Rob W-M / 9

Rebecca / 8

Steve Gibbs / 8

Al / 7

Tom Carvell / 7

Harry Kingston / 5

Ros / 5

Adam / 4

Craig / 4

Doug / 4

Eleri / 4

Emily Roo / 4

Julie / 4

Lina / 4

Rory / 4

Simon Bilton / 4

DaveO / 3

Liv / 3

Matt / 3

Matt Traver / 3

Naomi / 3

Neil Cox / 3

Rob Squires / 3

Sam Rose / 3

Al Begley / 2

Anja / 2

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Dave Bird / 2

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Ita / 2

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Traunstein, Salzkammergut
Nov 18th 2018

Traunstein Sudwestgrat

Stupendous ridgeline ascent of Traunstein Südwest Grat with Matt Blackmore after waking from our bivy on the Barmstein in the morning. 500m of vertical climbing in just over 2 hours across some very atmospheric pinnacles and ridgelines, not bad for a man who twisted his knee six days before (Blackmore, not me)! The next day the winter snows arrived, what a way to finish the summer rock season.

Kleiner Barmstein, Hallein
Nov 17th 2018

Barmstein Climb and Bivy

Another trip up my favourite local scramble to the summit of the Kleiner Barmstein, this time with Erinna and Blackmore for company. We took bivy gear (including sleeping bags this time...) and awoke after a -8° night to a beautiful sunrise on the summit. Great to have Sweep the dog for company too. Woof.

Little Chimgan, Uzbekistan
Oct 30th 2018

Little Chimgan

Our final outing in north eastern Uzbekistan was a trip up the local hill Little Chimgan, followed by a descent into the Gulkham Gorge beneath. We continued down the steep drops until progress was stopped by a narrow ravine near the Gulkamsay River confluence.

Big Chimgan, Uzbekistan
Oct 29th 2018

Big Chimgan

Our main mountaineering objective in Uzbekistan was a route on Big Chimgan. After aborting our first attempt the day before in torrential rain, we set off in beautiful winter conditions the next day with Vladimir and Demenskaya. After many hours of uphill ascent we reached the bivy cave and geared up for the snow to come.

Sadly the heavy overnight snowfall was bonded terribly to the warm rock beneath and we we decided to bail a few hundred metres from the summit. The two locals were great company and also demonstrated some rather curious short roping techniques, although fortunately Erinna's first winter abseil was conducted a little more safely. It's a honeymoon, not an expedition!

Chimgan, Uzbekistan
Oct 27th 2018

Rock climbing - Uzbek style

A small warm up to mountain life in Uzbekistan with Erinna - climbing at the local crag near Chimgan. Forget the tick marks here, you can leave the whole guidebook at home and just follow the huge paint lines up the route! We rode a lap of the Chimgan Cable Car to finish, an experience far more scary than top roping on dubious anchors and loose rock.

Kleiner Watzmann, Berchtesgaden
Oct 14th 2018

Kleiner Watzmann

Rebecca took me for a big bike+hike trip to the Kleiner Watzmann in Berchtesgaden. 1700m of ascent for a spectacular view - next time I'm here it will be for skiing!

Next spring she'll get married in sight of this summit, and it was the only peak she could see from the balcony of the wedding venue that she hadn't yet climbed...until today. Congratulations!